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We are proud to present to you a first selection of the artists who perform this year on The COFFI Festival.
Besides, from now on you will have the chance to buy tickets in presale for the festival in several locations all over the city.

We will bring you a program full of different kinds of art performances from several acts of live music, theater performances, exhibitions and of course movies.

Check out our program here

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For the first time we will bring an unique festival concept to Berlin - and therefore we need your help. Check out our Startnext campaign and become a COFFI-Supporter!

22.08.2014 ♦ Festival

The COFFI – Italian Film & Art Festival – which is taking place since 2004 in Salerno, will open its doors for the first time in Berlin in 2014. From the 22.8. till the 24.8. in the grounds of Willner-Brewery Berlin.
COFFI is presenting Italian joy of life, the medium film as well as the Italian culture in a new form without forgetting its tradition.





The COFFI - Italian Film & Art Festival - which is taking place since 2004 in Salerno, will open its doors for the first time in Berlin in 2014. From the 22.8. till the 24.8. in the grounds of Willner-Brewery Berlin. COFFI is presenting Italian joy of life, the medium film as well as the Italian culture in a new form, without forgetting its tradition.

All events at day are free except special events!

Here you can download our complete program (PDF) with all detailed information about the artists, movies and timetables.

PRE-COFFI-Party at “Where is jesus”

||8th August



||10997 Berlin

Get ready for the
COFFI Italian Film & Art Festival

“See you next year!”

||29th August


||Untertitel (Bar)

||Kienitzer Straße 22

Get together of the COFFI Staff and the artists Exhibition of the art pieces of COFFI- Express

Cinema sulla Sprea

|| Friday | 7-12 pm||

A boat trip on the Spree where we will show Italian movies. Drei-Ländereck | End of Reichenberger Str. (Landwehrkanal)

Pre-Sale 10€
Box office 12€

Aperitivo - Opining of the WBB festival area

||Saturday | 12am ||

First aperitivo for free! We will welcome our first guests with a free aperitivo to get into the mood for festival!

COFFI Express - Art Competition

||Saturday | 1pm||

An open competition for all kind of arts – 1 topic - 23h hours – 1 Prize.

Daily Program

||10am - 10pm||

Our program consists of a versatile mix of life music, theater and of course classic and modern Italian movies. The entrance is for free and the program starts 12 o’clock with a free aperitivo for our first guests.

Electro Kitchen

||Saturday | 10pm||

A unique combination of traditional Italian food with modern electronic music. The Saturday night party is for free with this ticket.

Pre-Sale 10€
Box office 12€

COFFI asks "Where is Jesus" (Party)

||Saturday | 11pm||

Creative Music Lab with the DJs from „Where is Jesus"

At the door 5€

Daily Program

||10am - 10pm||

Join in for a selection of short movies and Italian classics or just enjoy the live music and dance performances. We offer also a puppet theatre for families and kids.

COFFI Brunch

||Sunday | 10 am||

Brings you the best of Italian food with smooth live music and a unique theater concept.

Pre-Sale 10€
Box office 12€

Closing – Wine tasting with Ars Vinum

||Sunday | 6pm||

Enjoy several types of great wines presented by Ars Vinum together with a fine selection of Italian antipasti. Moreover, witness the award ceremony of the COFFI Express Art Competition.

Pre-Sale 10€
Box office 12€

Sonntagsstraße 10
10245 Berlin

Torstraße 159
10115 Berlin

Wrangelstraße 57
10997 Berlin

Berliner Str. 80-82
13189 Berlin

Rethelstraße 5
12435 Berlin
Treptower Park

You can also write us an email at
We need following information from you: name, address, event and amount of tickets.
You can choose if you want to pick up the tickets at the door or if we should send it via mail (+1 Euro for shipping).

I Pizzicati

Traditional music

||Saturday | 2pm||

Come and dance on the traditional folk music from southern Italy played by I Pizzicati!

The Ropesh

Jazz & Funk band

||Saturday | 4pm||

Enjoy their catchy, colorful and unique music resulting out their different musical roots!

The Hoo

Jazz & Funk crew

||Saturday | 9 pm||

Not only talented composers who mix influences coming from jazz, funk and electronic music!

MartinezZz / Aletchko


||Saturday | 7.30pm||

The duet will present a repertoire of folk and oriental pieces with a reference to film soundtracks.

Open Mic


||Saturday | 5.30pm||

Anyone can express his talents (dance, music,..) and go on the open stage and use the microphone.

My Baby Will

Singer Songwriter

||Sunday | 11am||

Come and let yourself be enchanted by the charming voice of Monica Cipollone accompanied by Rieko Okuda!

Shorts I

Nuovi Percorsi

|New Paths


Cinema Paradiso - Projectionroom

Shorts II

Sguardi d’autore

|Views of authors

||Saturday| 3pm

Cinema Paradiso - Projectionroom

Classic I

Brutti, sporchi e

cattivi, Ettore Scola

||Saturday| 6.30pm

Cinema Paradiso - Projectionroom

Shorts II

Kids Shorts

|New Paths


Cinema Paradiso - Projectionroom

Classic III

I soliti ignoti;

Mario Monicelli


Cinema Paradiso - Projectionroom

Shorts IV

COFFI Selection

|Views of authors


Cinema Paradiso - Projectionroom.
Suprising mix of selection of all three categories

Roberta Laguardia


||Saturday | 5pm||

Come and see her fabulous / provocative theater performance “Tutta la stessa storia”, a monologue written by Dario Fo about the role of women.

Karin Schmitt


||Sunday | 2pm||

The famous puppeteer Karin Schmitt will make children happy…and adults too!

Margaux Richet


||Sunday | 3.30pm||

Be inspired by the intercultural and imaginative stories related by Margaux Richet.

Daniela Marcozzi

Art and Dance

||Sunday | 4.30 pm||

Discover Daniela’s dance and art performance at the COFFI-Festival.

Dance and Theater


||Saturday | 12am||

Creative and emotional workshop where children can express themselves freely, hosted by Daniela Marcozzi.

Exhibition Hall


||Both Days

Appertura dell Laboratorio delle belle arti - Exhibitionroom:
Fabrizio Margiotta (Photographer),
Luo Duca (Sculptures),
Renzo+Fiore (Fumetti)
and Ars Vinum (The art of wine)


Live Cooking

||Saturday & Sunday

Great food created live in front of you by Lu'Food.

Ars Vinum


||Sunday & Sunday

Premium wines from Italy presented by Ars Vinum.

Blind Wine Tasting


||4pm – 8pm

Challenge your senses, try different wines in the dark and experience a new way of wine pleasure.


Clothes & Accessories

||Both Days

A collection of clothes that combines chic, natural and comfort.



||Both Days

Stunning beauty of Murano glass from Venice designed by the Senegalese painter Niang Moulaye and the Tyrolean jewelrymaker Emanuela Chimenton!



||Both Days

Fadate redesign presents unique handmade products

An open competition for all kind of arts - 1 topic / 23h hours / 1 Prize

Saturday | 23th August

1am : The participants arrive and will get informed about the topic and rules of the competition:

Everybody has 23 hours to work on that topic

No matter which kind of art

Movies or theater plays shall not be longer than 60 seconds

Give your art work a name

Sunday | 24th August

12am : Deadline for the working phase During the afternoon we will exhibit all the created works
6pm : Everybody can vote for his favorite art work and afterwards the votes will be counted


First prize for the artist who gets the most votes from the festival visitors.

2 tickets for the next art dinner
1 premium Wine by Ars Vinum

Furthermore the art pieces will be presented for one week after the festival in the Untertitel


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We are currently searching for companies and cooperations which will help us to realize our vision of the COFFI Film & Art Festival
2014 for the first time in Berlin. We want to work together with strong Italian brands and supportive local partners as well.
Feel free to contact us for any questions!

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